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BASP Frontiers will be back in 2021 for its sixth edition.

Prof. Y. Wiaux, Workshop Chair

About the workshop

The International Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing (BASP) Frontiers workshop was created to promote synergies between selected topics in astronomy and medicine, around common challenges for signal processing.

Building on the success of the first four workshops (2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017), BASP Frontiers 2019 will gather around 100 participants and open its floor to many interesting hot topics in theoretical, astrophysical, and biomedical signal processing, with a particular focus on imaging.

Ski and full board philosophy: Following our tradition, BASP Frontiers 2019 will take place in the lovely ski resort Villars-sur-Ollon of the Swiss Alps in a full board regime. The most fruitful discussions often take place after the sessions themselves, on the terrace, or during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We hope that the winter atmosphere will further promote discussion and creativity.

Workshop structure: The workshop is structured around morning and evening sessions of three hours each, including talks and posters. Among a total of nine sessions, between Sunday and Thursday, three will be focused on signal processing, three on astro-imaging, and three on bio-imaging.

Invited and contributed work: Session organizers will work jointly with the respective area chairs to invite one speaker for a keynote talk, four speakers for standard talks, as well as two to three speakers for poster presentations. Contributions for non-invited poster presentations are subject to abstract acceptance.

What has changed relative to the previous workshops: “1 author - 1 registration fee policy” (see registration page). Invitation to talk is not transferable. Skype talks are not possible.

BASP Frontiers is dressing up for its fifth edition: We are moving to an absolutely iconic hotel that will provide very good conference facilities. The 5* Chalet Royalp Hotel and Spa is just above the village, in front of the mountain train stop Roche-Grise (this is one stop closer to the sky than the main station of the village, see travel information). Incidentally, this is the train that will take the skiers to the top of the mountains… and on the way back, well, a ski slope is also arriving at the foot of the hotel.