Session List

The list of the nine scientific sessions of the conference can be found below (for more details and schedule, see detailed programme):

Computational imaging theory

  • Generative Inference and Calibration
  • Organisers: Ivan Dokmanic (Chair) & Philip Schniter (Committee member)
  • Large-scale Optimisation for Computational Imaging
  • Organisers: Gitta Kutyniok (Chair) & Ulugbek Kamilov (Committee member)
  • Modern Regularisation
  • Organisers: Thomas Pock (Chair) & Philip Schniter (Committee member)

Astronomical imaging

  • Astronomical Imaging with Optical Telescopes: From Thirty-meter Observatories to Future Space Missions
  • Organisers: He Sun & Katie Bouman (Committee member)
  • Physics Informed Machine Learning in Astronomy
  • Organisers: Francois Lanusse (Chair) & Jean-Luc Starck (Committee member)
  • Frontier of Interferometric Imaging from SKA to ngEHT
  • Organisers: Kazunori Akiyama (Chair) & Yves Wiaux (Committee member)

Medical imaging

  • Medical Imaging in Low-Resource Settings
  • Organisers: Nicholas Durr (Chair) & Audrey Bowden (Committee member)
  • Medical Image Reconstruction and Analysis
  • Organisers: Kerstin Hammernik (Chair) & Julia Schnabel (Committee member)
  • Potential Pitfalls of Deep Learning in Medical Image Reconstruction
  • Organisers: Efrat Shimron (Chair) & Florian Knoll (Committee member)