Session proposals

Session proposal deadline is June 1st, 2016.

The workshop is structured around morning and evening sessions of three hours each, including talks and posters. Among a total of nine sessions over five days, three sessions will be focused on signal processing, three on astro-imaging, and three on bio-imaging. Each of the nine sessions will consist of: one keynote talk, 30' + 5' of interaction; four standard talks, 20' + 5' of interaction; up to five posters, 45' during coffee or aperitif with an additional 1’ of presentation at the end of the talks.

Session organizers are invited by the area chairs. Each session organizer is responsible for the speaker invitations for keynote and standard talks, as well as for two to three poster presentations. Additional contributions for non-invited poster presentations are welcome.

Each session proposal should be fully discussed with the related area chairs prior to contacting any potential speaker. By June 1st, the session organisers need to submit by email to the area chair (i) a short session abstract to be published on the conference website, (ii) the list of invited and committed reseachers, for 1 keynote talk, 4 standard talks, 2-3 poster presentations.

For more detailed information on the overall structure of the program and contributions, please refer to the workshop structure page.